Zambian actress-Grace Tamara Rumsey to establish own productions

Sharon Kavhu

Windhoek Her first acting role was in a primary school play-‘The Jungle book’ where she played a hyena role. She was only nine years old and yet she took every acting role passionately despite being a minor.

As time progressed, her confidence mounted up and she eventually got to play significant roles in the industry. Today, the Zambian actress, Grace Tamara Rumsey (34) is a multi-award winning actress with accolades from across the region.

The 34 year old star has experienced a significant growth in her career as an actress and she is currently working towards establishing her own production company. Last week, The Southern Times caught up with her in a virtual interview where she revealed insights into her personal production project.

Rumsey is working towards establishing her own personal film production company to diversify and further explore her talents.

She said the idea of starting her own productions was inspired by the fact that she wants to produce more spiritual films inline to her Christian background.

“In our country the industry is still growing. Well, of course we are at a stage where at least people can have a career from it but, it is not yet 100% sustainable at this point. So when it comes to acting, for one to remain employed it means you are either doing a long term series or a telenovela. If you are neither of the two, it means your career is practically on hold. As such the only other way is for you to branch off, stretch yourself and see where else you can thrive in the field,” said Rumsey.

“I decided to explore other avenues of film that I had interests in and I felt I was also good at other undertakings besides the roles I frequently played. That is when I decided to start producing. My aspiration at a later stage has always been to create my own content and more content from the spiritual side considering my background as a Christian.”

She said she has been stereotyped a lot because of the similar roles that she has played in different movies, adding that the fact that she was good at the roles enhanced the stereotyping.

“I did the roles so well that people ended up seeing me as the characters I portray in the industry. Even the producers would want me to play such roles because I did them so well but, I have a lot of characters that I could do and want to explore and yet still I was being limited. So if I am producing my own production it means I can explore the other characters I want to. It will also give me an opportunity to challenge myself,” said Rumsey.

She said the project has been a long time coming and she is taking her time to perfect the project.

Meanwhile, with the COVID-19 affecting a lot of businesses, Ramsey said the pandemic has been a setback for her career and her film related ambitions.

She added, “A lot of projects that I had in the pipeline have been put on hold because of the virus and that means money deferred. Nothing has been happening in the industry and this has forced me to think outside to box and diversify into other avenues.”

Among the projects in the pipeline is a feature film titled Mfinzi produced and directed by Frank Sibbuku.

Rumsey is revisiting her network marketing business as a way to maintain financial stability. She said she will continue with the business even when the filming industry resumes in her country.

Rumsey is also a voice over artist, television host and producer. She was first introduced in 2010 where she made her television debut playing a supporting role in the 5-part mini drama series entitled “MY COUNTRY” which was produced by Media 365.

In 2012 she scored a role in the 2014 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Award (AMVCA) winning best drama series, Love Games.

Thereafter she continued to flourish, scoring a lead role in ‘Fever’, the 2017 ZAFTAR award winning Zambezi Magic’s  drama series where she played an outstanding performance as Mwaka, a street hustler with a soul.

In 2016, she joined the 4th season of the lifestyle and magazine show, Kumwesu as a presenter. The same year she produced her first short film, Dilemma that went on to win her ‘best producer’ and 'best film' at the short film festival under Young Cinema Zambia.

In 2017 she was seen giving yet another stellar performance on season 2 of Fever.

In 2018 she went on to co- produce her first feature film titled 'Colour Of Love' in which she took up the lead role of 'Nyasha Muyunda' under Young Cinema Zambia. In the same year she became one of the producers for the Hit Telenovela show 'Zuba' season 2 which is another Zambezi Magic Production.

Last year she won the Best actress under the title most outstanding female in media for the prestigious Ngoma Awards.




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