Seal – ‘Kiss from a rose’ hit-maker heads to Bots

Seal – ‘Kiss from a rose’ hit-maker heads to Bots

THE SouthernTIMES Mar 19, 2018

    > Bakang Mhaladi

    Gaborone – Botswana music promoters continue to lure yesteryear overseas acts, with English singer and songwriter, Seal, the latest who is expected to serenade mature revelers.   

    Seal will be in Gaborone on March 10 at the invitation of the Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO), and joins a growing list of international artistes who have performed in Botswana in recent times, which includes Billy Ocean, Joe and UB40.

    BTO has invited Seal, as part of the organisation’s 10th anniversary celebrations, dubbed ‘Of Basket and Song’.

    Seal, real name Henry Olusegun Adeola Samuel, rose to worldwide prominence with his hit, ‘Kiss from a Rose’ which was featured as a sound track in the movie, ‘Batman Forever’, in 1995.

    The 55-year-old artiste has sold over 20 million records worldwide in a career spanning more than three decades.

    Seal was born in London to a Nigerian mother and a Brazilian father. He is currently in the middle of a world tour, dubbed ‘Seal the Standards Tour’ and while in Botswana, he is expected to play some

    songs from his latest album, ‘Standards’.

    The arrival of Seal, and many other yesteryear artists, has excited mature revellers, who have decried bias towards younger audiences.

    “This is soothing at least for us with a discerning taste for classic music. All promoters were focusing on the younger audience, with fast-paced music, particularly house and hip-hop,” a Seal fan, Kealeboga Gopolang said.

    Seal’s visit will come just two weeks before Billy Ocean touches down for a Hampton Jazz show in Gaborone.

    The cheapest ticket for the Seal show is P300 while the expensive seat at the University of Botswana Stadium will cost P700.

    Meanwhile, the Gaborone City Council has withdrawn organisers of the Billy Ocean show, the Hampton’s licence as the local authority has no jurisdiction to issue a permit for a show beyond midnight.

    Instead, the organisers have been advised to apply for a permit for the show through the Ministry of Youth, Sport and Culture Development, which is expected to green light the music festival.

    The Billy Ocean show line-up includes Salif Keita.

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