Reflections on The Smith’s latest EP


Sharon Kavhu

Windhoek ‑ Namibian song writer, rapper and producer, Brooklyn Immanuel Mayiji aka The Smith has released his debut extended play record (EP) dubbed ‘3Peat6Feet’.

The 30-year-old Namibian mixes issues of love, heartbreak, focus, determination, internal conflicts, going against the norm to make a difference, hard work and loyalty on this EP.

An EP is a musical recording that carries more tracks than a single but less than an album or long play record.

The EP carries 11 songs namely: ‘With Me’, ‘Ride the Wave’, ‘The Feeling’, ‘Silence’, ‘Different’, ‘Y’, ‘Medusa’, ‘Too Long’, ‘Bonus Freestle’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Bandz’.

‘With Me’ features Young Taylor and it was produced by The Smith himself and Vlad. The song centres on a modern relationship which is not clearly defined and the guy will be asking ‘are you with me . . . are you my Bonnie, am I your Clyde’. It is a fusion of hip-hop, RnB and Trap.

In ‘Ride the Wave’, which features Stanzo, The Smith uses Jeremeh’s most popular beat as the basic beat. He, however, adds another swing to it to make it more popping with a sensual smooth popping record. The song which is a fusion of RnB and hip-hop basically describes an intimate moment of a couple that is so into each other. It was also produced by The Smith and Vlad.

The Smith uses online beats for most of his songs on ‘3Peat6feet’. He also uses Scandibeats on his track ‘Silence’, which is an RnB and Trapsoul song on a confession of a deep truth towards one’s spouse.

On the song ‘Different’, which features Cueboy Link Beat by Tej, The Smith brings out the issue of going against the norm and being different in a good way for one to be successful, instead of just following the societal norms and remain ordinary. The song highlights how greatness and success can come out after deciding to be different from the rest in a good way. It falls under the Trap genre.

The Namibian talent brings out the love theme in his track, ‘The Feeling’, which features Hailey T, Kitana.  The song is a mixture of RnB, hip-hop and Soul and anchors on the deep sensation that draws two souls to each other ‑ love. The lyrics describe how love feels, makes one act and how it cannot be separated from care in a smooth relationship. The producers use a laid back RnB beat, which can remind music lovers of the ‘jagged age’ era. 

‘Y’ is an old school tune under RnB and Soul that talks about why love ends, it points out how issues such as lust, pride, selfishness and negligence can contribute to failed love relationships.

He then goes gangster on his track ‘Medusa’, which features John Gregoruis beat by Kashiff Omar, and the song was produced by Mamba Mansion and The Smith.  The song has proved popular so far.  It depicts Greek mythology in modern life, which hints on how fame can divert you from your goal and purpose. However, unlike his other tracks, this song has a bit of rap in Xhosa and Herero as well as a bit of Oshivambo. ‘Medusa’ is a fusion of hip-hop, Trapsoul and RnB.

‘Focus’ was produced by Deep Music, Groovy Martin on Beat by Devitchi. It is a combination of hip-hop and Trap, which talks about parental obedience, diligence and determination for success.

The Smith describes a situation where a man finds out that the woman he has been dating for seven years was cheating on him in the song ‘Too Long’. It was produced by Mamba Mansion and The Smith on Kashiff Omar beat. The song highlights how the relationship ended and how the guy tried to pick up the broken pieces. It falls under the Trapsoul genre.

‘Bandz’ is a hip-hop track that features Handel Mahela, it was produced by The Smith and Vlad.  The song is a party song, which describes how people hustle for money.  The beat used on the song was made by Charlie G. His bonus track, ‘Freestle’, which features Riley Sintonic, talks about the bonds that people create as friends. It also highlights the difference between real and fake friends.

The Smith told The Southern Times that he is passionate about music and on this EP, ‘Focus’ was a dedication to her mother who helped him to develop focus and determination in life.

“The passion for music has sent me, as a musician and listener, on a trip of growth, painted in many different experiences,” he said.

“On this EP, ‘With You’, ‘Madusa’, ‘Too Long’ and ‘Silence’ are people’s favourite songs. So far Madusa has 3,900 downloads, ‘With You’ has 5,000 downloads while ‘Silence’ has 3,600 downloads and ‘Too Long’ has 3,900 downloads."

He has also worked with rappers like Esmen, WamboSeun, Sunnyboy, Yawzeza, Neptune Black and Kachinga, among others.

Asked what inspired him to do the song, The Smith said: “I am inspired to write songs by the real life situations, emotions, events and what I would have gone through and feel that they may also help the listeners to conquer.”

In 2016, he released two singles ‘Simple’ and ‘Unholy Matrimony’, which were well received. 





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