Mugabe on secret visit to South Africa


Mugabe on secret visit to South Africa

THE SouthernTIMES Mar 18, 2018

    Gracious Madondo

    Former Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe reportedly flew to South Africa on Wednesday for the first time since stepping down from power in November last year.

    A Zimbabwean journalist, Ray Ndlovu, who was on the same plane with the former president tweeted, “Am on the same flight on Air Zimbabwe to Johannesburg with former President Robert Gabriel Mugabe this morning. The times have changed. Really changed.”

    A report by the SABC also stated that, “Mugabe is known to have come to South Africa for a private visit, but it is not clear if he is still in the country”.

    There has not been any government confirmation of Mugabe’s visit to South Africa.

    The former president recently raised the ire of President Mnangagwa and the new establishment by meeting and endorsing opposition figures who are challenging the incumbent in the impending harmonised elections.

    There is widespread speculation that Mugabe could have flown to South Africa to link up with other members of the G40 cabal who fled the country after the military launched Operation Restore Legacy.

    The G40 cabal comprised of a group of former Cabinet Ministers and First Lady who had captured the former leader who went on a crusade of expelling and suspending anyone who seemed to challenge his wife’s ascendency to power.

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