Botswana robbed . . . Seal’s show botched


Botswana robbed . . . Seal’s show botched

THE SouthernTIMES Mar 19, 2018

    Bakang Mhaladi

    Gaborone – English singer, Seal, will not make his anticipated debut trip to Botswana for a show next month, but will still smile all the way to the bank after pocketing a reported P3,2 million from the organisers.   

    The organisers, the Botswana Tourism Organisation (BTO), reportedly breached the contract but had already paid Seal a whopping P3 million to perform in Gaborone next month. BTO had targeted the ‘Kiss from a Rose’ hitmaker as the headline artiste, for the tourism organisation’s 10th anniversary. But the show has been cancelled, and it remains unclear if there are plans to hold it at a later date.

    BTO chief executive officer, Zibanani Hubona, told the media that they could not divulge anything regarding figures.

    “It is too early to share the information with the public. We have postponed the show. The matter involves contractual issues between the BTO and a third party. The public will be informed at the right time,” Hubona told a press conference this week.

    The government department, according to the local The Voice newspaper, lost P3.2 million after the botched deal. The money had already been paid to Seal and will not be reimbursed to BTO. However, Hubona said, as a public enterprise, BTO would make the accounts public when the right time comes.

    BTO marketing manager, Gillian Blackbeard, said their aim is to grow tourism across sectors.

    “We were looking at Gaborone as an urban destination. We want people to come to Gaborone, as a way of promoting local heritage,” Blackbeard said.

    The University of Botswana’s 10,000-seater stadium had been earmarked as the venue for the show dubbed ‘Of Basket and Song’, meant to celebrate 10 years of ‘sustainable and diverse tourism.’


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