Boss Madam collaboration falls through


Boss Madam collaboration falls through

THE SouthernTIMES Mar 19, 2018

    Annines Angula

    The highly anticipated collaboration song between Zimbabwe’s Jah Prayzah and Namibia’s songstress, Sally Boss Madam, seems to have fallen through after the song failed to appear on both musicians’ albums released last year.   

    Fans from the two countries were anticipating to hear vocals of the two talented singers in the region after Jah Prayzah announced in January 2017 that he and Sally were working on a project.

    However, the song failed to appear on Jah Prayzah’s ‘Kutonga Kwaro’ album or Sally Boss Madam’s ‘My Black’ album both released late last year. The song has also not been released as a single amid rumours that the two artists are having a disagreement over the ownership of the song. Sally Boss Madam told The Southern Times this week that she was only asked to work on a feature with Jah Prayzah and she does not have any idea when Jah Prayzah and his management are planning on releasing the song.

    “Call the management or Jah Prayzah himself because I was only asked to do a feature, which I already did. I am not the owner of the song. Also, I never told you guys that we were working on a song with Jah Prayzah, it must have been himself who told you, so call him,” she said.

    Jah Prayzah, who was first reluctant to talk to The Southern Times before he communicated with Sally, said he did not release the project because he had a lot of songs lined up.

    The song was recorded in January 2017 months after Sally Boss Madam won the AFRIMA award for best female artist Southern Africa in 2016.

    “I will release the song but I won’t give you the exact date. I don’t think it has to do with any disagreements. If Sally wants, we can do another song and she can have all the copyrights. I had a lot of tracks on the list that’s why the song did not appear on my album but I will release the song soon,” said Jah Prayzah, adding that he would not give the exact date to create false hope.


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