AU gives Africa Factbook thumbs up!


AU gives Africa Factbook thumbs up!

THE SouthernTIMES Mar 19, 2018

    Jonathan Mbiriyamveka

    Harare – The au Commission has thrown its weight behind the Africa Factbook saying it was a reference source of knowledge, information, facts, data and other aspects of the continent.   

    Sppeaking on behalf of the AUC chairperson at the recent launch of the book in Harare, AU Commission senior advisor Jennifer Chiriga said Africa Factbook would be a reference book for Africans and researched as well as written by Africans.

    “Today amounts of knowledge and information are generated in all fields of human activity.

    “Apparently, it is knowledge that determines control over and ultimate success in any efforts.

    “In Africa, however, there is an uneasy situation where the continent has scant information about itself. Whatever is known is neither generated by nor disseminated among Africans themselves,” she said.

    Chiriga urged African countries to rally and mobilise resources for the African Factbook.

    Guest of honour, Vice President Constantino Chiwenga also gave his support through a donation of US$1,000 towards the Africa Factbook. He said Africa was faced with a common challenge of distorted information.

    “In some cases, data is just not available. Perhaps this is because most African knowledge is not documented.

    “Whenever it is, the story in most cases would have been written by non-Africans based on non-African sources,” Chiwenga said.

    Chiwenga said lack of facts about Africa adversely affects planning and monitoring of projects, tourism, and exploitation of trade as well as investment opportunities.

    The prevailing information gaps and ignorance, Chiwenga said, retarded and stifled development efforts across the continent.

    “To close gaps and reduce ignorance about Africa, there is need to document facts, statistics, date and information to make them readily accessible to potential users and researchers.

    “This is the prime motivation and objective of the Africa Factbook. The Africa Factbook project idea and its potential unifying thrust towards consolidating knowledge of and pride in Africa is, therefore, most commendable,” Chiwenga said.


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