All that jazz about Miss Namibia


Sharon Kavhu

Windhoek -  First, it was the hullabaloo about lack of funds, then came the jugular when the predecessor of the Miss Namibia pageant, Selma Kamanya, snubbed the handover ceremony.

And, of course, the hard hitting headlines that were characteristic of the event before it was hosted, but somewhat the beleaguered pageant found a way out of that jazz.

Maybe there is something to write about after all for the winners and certainly a lot to look into for the organisers in terms of creating a well followed and managed brand devoid of unnecessary controversy.

Perhaps a good assessment is that all that matters at the end of the day is that 24-year old beauty queen, Nadja Breytenbach, walked away with the crown, leaving all the contestants green with envy on a night marked with all the glitz and glamour and a few controversies that social media could not miss.

Julita-Kitwe Mbangula and Johanna Swartbooi were the first and second runner-ups respectively.

Up-close and personal

Following her moment of glory, Breytenbach told The Southern Times that during her reign, she will thrive to build a “diamond generation”.

“I will be working together with the Namibia Diamond Trading Company (NDTC), which is one of our main sponsors, to build a diamond generation.  I will be visiting three different regions, together with my other two queens, to talk about important issues that our country is facing, such as  teenage pregnancy, dropping out of school, substance and drug abuse,” said Breytenbach.

She said through the projects that she is working hand in hand with NDTC, she hopes that she will have a positive impact on the empowerment of young people.

“I understand youth empowerment as a process where children and young adults are encouraged to take charge of their lives.  Through the project, together with the NDTC, I hope to achieve that by educating our youths on the various issues that I have already mentioned. I also believe that showing our youths that we truly care about them and their futures can have a great positive impact in their lives.”

She said she started working with the vulnerable children early this year before being crowned and she intends to continue this during her reign as well as after.

The institutions she worked with include Side By Side Early Intervention Centre and House Maerua Children’s Home.

Breytenbach acknowledges that some young people are now looking up to her as a role model and she intends to use her social media platforms for a positive impact to her followers.

“I understand that being a Miss Namibia is both an honour and a very big responsibility.  I will use my social media platforms to show our youth that staying fit and eating healthy are important.  Furthermore, I hope to bring across the message that helping others and being selfless brings so much joy to your life and that it is important to help your community wherever you can,” she said.

While she is inspiring many young people in Namibia, her inspirations were drawn from her grandmother who is her biggest role model.

“My grandmother is my biggest role model.  She experienced World War Two as a young girl and had witnessed many gruesome situations.  Instead of turning bitter and negative, my granny is the most positive and forgiving person I have ever met and will ever meet in my life.  She has shown me the true meaning of unconditional love,” said Breytenbach.

Earning the Miss Namibia 2019 title is evidence that Breytenbach’s body is fit for the requirements. The 24-year old beauty pageant enjoys doing pilates and intensity workouts. She appreciates the privileges of working with Body20 Kleine Kuppe during her reign.

“However, I think the most important aspect of keeping fit and staying in shape is to give your body the nutrition it deserves,” she added.

While many models would be enemies of sweet foods, as precaution of their figures, Miss Namibia 2019 loves sweets and told this paper that wine gums are her favourites. She said she also enjoys a good pizza and sushi.

Her hobbies include baking and she enjoys tasting new recipes.

Although she prefers not to talk about her relationship status and private life, Breytenbach described a healthy relationship as one filled with respect, understanding and communication. She said in a healthy relationship, both partners should be allowed to grow individually.

When asked about her vision in the next five years, Breytenbach said she does not have a set plan because her winning the crown showed her that plans can change overnight when opportunities come.

“Last Saturday showed me that plans can change overnight.  Thus, I do not have a set out plan but will rather receive every opportunity with open hands.  However, I do hope to have completed my Masters in Psychology and to continue working together with charitable causes in Namibia.”

Meanwhile, the managing director of Miss Namibia Joint Venture, Conny Maritz, dismissed allegations about her organisation saying that all sponsorships are raised to meet expenses falling in four distinguishable categories. These categories, she said, are: the costs to organise and produce the annual crowing event; the costs of international pageant licensing and participation; the prizes of the winner and runners-up; and the charitable projects of the winner during her reign.





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