Africa Albida Tourism scoops two national awards


Africa Albida Tourism scoops two national awards

THE SouthernTIMES Mar 20, 2018

    Gracious Madondo

    The Africa Albida Tourism group is the prestigious winner of the Achievement in Marketing award while its operations and finance director Nigel Frost walked away with the tourism personality of the year gong at a recent function held in Harare.


    In a statement, Albida Tourism group public relations officer Marianne Betts said the group thrilled by the awards which recognises the efforts and achievements by individuals and organisations in the travel and tourism sector for 2017.


    Frost was rewarded for successfully spreading a campaign by the travel and tourism sector to reverse the potential damaging application of backdated VAT to hospitality bills in the country.

    Speaking at the award ceremony, Rainbow Tourism Group chief executive Tendai Machiwenyia said the awards to the Africa Albida Tourism group were testimony of tremendous work that was being undertaken by players in the sector to improve the general economy.


    “This was indeed a victory for the industry as ably was indeed a victory for the industry as ably by Nigel/ The victory extends to the entire economy as it helps in building confidence in the local tourism industry,”  Machiwenyika said.


    AAT chief executive officer Ross Kennedy said the hospitality group was extremely proud to have won the awards.


    “Being a recognised by your industry peers and colleagues is always special, particularly in a very competitive and innovative industry. Frost’s award recognises the fact that much dedicated hard work goes on in the background of the so-called glamour of tourism, and this was seriously an important victory for the sector,” said Kennedy.


    Kennedy said the achievement in Marketing Award acknowledges innovative thinking that was led by Dave Glynn, chairman of AAT, who together with other colleagues created the survey that was well received.   


    Originally carried out to provide international airlines with the data they required in deciding whether to fly into the new Victoria Falls International Airport, the survey has evolved into a destination marketing tool.  


    “The data and statistics were gathered and compiled by AAT local sales and marketing consultant Allan Kennedy through hard yards on the ground in all the survey destinations, and then turned into an attractive user-friendly document by designer, Keara O'Toole,” Kennedy said.

    Civil Aviation Authority of Zimbabwe marketing manager Sarudzai Muza said the Africa’s Living Soul survey had appealed to many airlines due to its in-depth information on the destination of Victoria Falls and its surroundings.  


    AAT is a hospitality group which operates a portfolio of properties in Victoria Falls, including Victoria Falls Safari Lodge, Victoria Falls Safari Club, Victoria Falls Safari Suites, Lokuthula Lodges, and Ngoma Safari Lodge in Chobe, Botswana.


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