A calling from God to be President - Rev Chikanga


A calling from God to be President - Rev Chikanga 

Rebuild Zimbabwe Party (RZP) presidential candidate Reverend Everisto Chikanga of the United Methodist Church (RC) says he will not lose this coming election as his decision to contest is a calling from God.

Our reporter Charity Ruzvidzo (CR) had a conversation with Rev Chikanga to understand his party's preparedness for the upcoming harmonised elections set for July 30.

CR- Reverend, how prepared are you for the upcoming elections?

RC-   We are as prepared as we can be for this election. We have been campaigning and we are ready to win.

CR-   We have seen several candidates holding rallies in various provinces across the length and breathe of the country.  What has been your campaign strategy since you are yet to be seen holding any rally?

RC- We have been engaging the people, going where they are in various places across the country and sharing our vision. We have also been afforded an opportunity to be on radio and on television. We have managed to use these platforms to engage the people. RZP has also been sending out flyers to share our vision of a new Zimbabwe.

CR-   You are a Reverend, what prompted you to get into politics?

RC -   I believe it’s a calling that was placed in my heart by God. The faith that I stand for and the God that I serve has equipped me with the knowledge, understanding and skills that are needed to bring back change in this country. Our Christian values will lead us back to the Zimbabwe that we are all proud of.

CR- How different is RZP from other political parties?

RC- We are have biblical Christian values, our vision is seeking to promote the pursuit of national interest over personal interest that we have seen dominate our political space over the years. The only vision that can restore constitutionalism and sanity in the country is a Christian led vision. This may be the first time in the history of our nation to have such values and this makes us different.

CR- What are your chances of winning this election?

RC-Our chances are very high and we are going to win overwhelmingly. We wouldn’t be contesting if we knew that our chances are low but through engaging with the people and sharing our vision we have enough confidence that we will certainly win.

CR- What are your views on the prevailing political ground. Do you think the ground is level for all contesting parties?

RC-   As RZP we have been to various places in the country and we have not faced any form of violence or behaviour that seeks to disrupt our meetings. We have been engaging with other political parties and there is no violence so far. However, some political parties are well funded to conduct their campaigns. We, on the other hand, are facing financial constraints.

CR- How are you managing without resources?

RC- We are using the minimal resources we have to achieve excellent results. We have some members of the party who help us out by contributing towards campaigns. We are sacrificing so that we bring change in Zimbabwe and our Christian values teach us to sacrifice so that others can also benefit in the long run.

CR- What is your plan of action if you are elected as president?

RC- The first thing I will do is to restore constitutionalism. We have a challenge in this country because people do not follow the constitution. This country does not have a conducive environment for foreign direct investment as a result of corruption. People are afraid to invest in this country. We are going to start using the rule of law to ensure we address corruption.

Secondly, we are going to introduce a rigorous programme of national healing to foster unity. Zimbabweans are traumatised because of things that happened in the past. The major challenge of the current government is its failure to foster national healing. As soon as we are elected we will ensure there is reconciliation. This is very important for the country to move forward and develop. A united nation has high chances of prospering and we will ensure there is harmony.

CR- Other opposition parties have raised complaints over the printing of the ballot paper and the voters roll. Do you have the same concerns?

RC-   RZP believes that ZEC is doing its constitutional mandate and we have a lot of confidence in what they are doing. We have confidence that they won’t rig this election. We believe in God and that it is time for a solution for this country. There is no amount of cheating that is going to change God’s plan. We have confidence that this election will produce the desired results regardless of what other people may say.

CR- If you lose this election, will you accept?

RC-   I am not on this journey to lose and l believe it’s time that God has chosen me to win.  However, if it happens that l lose, I will also accept.

I want to say our party is very concerned by the statements from the military. We have respect for the military but we want them to stop releasing press statements no matter how good they may look like. We need them to focus on safeguarding the nation and stay within the confines of the law.




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