Related Stories By Concerned Namibian Youth Published: 20120423
Respect our heroes

Dear Ed

The first thing that is introduced into the mindset of the African child when he grows up is to respect the elderly and the fruits of those who have been humble and obedient in all aspects to the bitter end are clearly visible in our respective societies.  

It therefore amazes me when a hoard of caricaturing pictures of HE Comrade Mugabe are circulated through various network and distributed across the continent.

For sure, as a human being he has his shortcomings.

But I assure you that if it was during those old dark days of Ian Smith, PW Botha and AG van Niekerk those culprits circulating these demeaning pictures would have been arrested by the notorious special branches or simply vanished.

Thanks to independence, we now have rights and freedoms because we can now express ourselves as we want and do as we feel.

My fellow youth please open your eyes. Who is behind this demonising of our heroes and how long shall we allow ourselves to be blinded by the schemes of the imperialists?

They want to ridicule and to assassinate the character Cde Mugabe. Look around at what is happening in other African countries and get wise.

Let us go back and look at why the settlers are now occupying vast lands in many African countries and how these lands have been transferred under the pretext of close corporations (CC).

How shall we ever own land when settlers have taken it all, and made it a CC or sold it at very high prices?

Namibians do not benefit from their own land and the poor do not have anywhere to stay. Take this into consideration and respect our elder, he is a true African statesman.

They hate Cde Mugabe because he got the land back from the imperialist. Was it wrong for him to have done that?

* Concerned Namibian Youth