37 year old claims to be Kamuzu Banda’s son

23 Jul 2010
Lilongwe- A 37-year-old Swedish Malawian man, Jim Jumani Johansson, who is claims to be the biological son of Malawi’s founding president Hastings Kamuzu Banda, has alleged that some people were paid to conceal his identity and to prevent him from returning to Malawi to ascertain his descent. In an interview with private radio Zodiak Broadcasting Station (ZBS), Johansson said he  believes some people were paid to conceal information about his father adding, “I doubt whether people I thought were my parents are my parents,” he said.Johansson made his biological claim last week but his known biological mother Mirriam Kaunda and aunt and  grandmother have rubbished the claims.In an interview with weekly Malawi News – which is also part of Dr. Banda’s business empire -  Kaunda claimed that Johansson’s biological father is a Malawian of Indian descent named Muhammad Jogee, currently resident in England.  This view was also backed by Johansson’s aunt Patricia Likaku and granny Joyce Kaunda.But Johansson, in the radio interview, challenged the women for a DNA test, saying even Mirriam Kaunda could not be his biological mother. “I told Mirriam to go for a DNA test but she says it’s not important,” he said who said attempts to locate Jogee in England has proved futile.Johansson said “Jogee was just one of the four people I was made to believe could be my biological father.”He said senior government officials have told him Dr. Banda was his father.Johansson has meanwhile applied to the Office of the President andCabinet to have his name changed to Jim Jumani Immanuel Masauko Kamuzu Banda.Dr. Banda, known fondly by his middle name Kamuzu, died in November 1997 aged 101 after ruling Malawi with an iron fist for 30 years. He was officially unmarried and childless.Dr. Banda bequeathed most of his estate to his long time confidante and Official Hostess Cecilia Tamanda Kadzamira who rumours has it has his two children. She denies this and has refused to comment on Johansson. Banda’s family is contesting the Will in court.Grand-niece of Dr. Banda, Jane Dzanjalimodzi, , said in an earlier interview that “many people will  come out of the woodwork to make claims because they know Banda’s vast estate is about to be distributed.Johansson it was after Banda died in 1997 that “some government officials” told him about who his father really was.He admitted it was possible he could have brothers and sisters elsewhere whom he was yet to know.The claim has further deepened Dr. Banda’s enigmatic figure.